Images for September 24th: Transforming neighborhoods - Rails, development & economic conditions as preservation aids

With Oliver Allen, Deborah Allen and Frederick Allen we discussed rail in Manhattan, the many transformations of landscape that transit and economic trends have brought about.

Here, some images of structures no longer extant in Manhattan, but which in their day were impressive testaments to the ever-evolving urban landscape.

Above, the 6th Avenue el station at 14th Street.

A view of an engine and cars on the 6th Avenue El, in the "Ladies Mile" portion of the avenue.


At left, the Fulton Ferry Terminal, with horse-drawn rail cars waiting to whisk passengers (at a spry 6 miles per hour) away to their destinations, after debarking from their brief ferry ride across the East River.

Washington Market in the mid-19th century, on a site later occupied by the World Trade Center.

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