July 28th - Senior housing alternatives!

With Jacob Alspector and Caroline Bailey.

I'm tempted to say, reminding myself of Elvis Costello "What's so bad about peace, love and understanding?" - when I say, "What's so wrong about the true SPIRIT of Collectivism?"

I think I'm becoming a real Yankee communalist.

No images to show for this program of 28th July 2010.

Ah, well.

Be speaking with you again soon.


21 July 2010: What's happening - or not - in New York: With Julie Iovine, editor of Architect's Newspaper


Julie V Iovine is the executive editor of that preeminent source of news for the architectural community – The Architect’s Newspaper, and was key to its expansion from New York, now with West-Coast and Midwest editions.

Julie was a features reportor and editor at The New York Times and the New York Times Magazine. She is the author of Michael Graves: A Compact Design Portfolio, Modern Americana: From High Craft to High Glam, as well as several other tasty contributions to our understanding of the world of design. She has written for Architectural Digest (German edition), Art & Auction, Art Review and Architectural Record.  

To put the melting building metaphor in context, we played Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" - so apt:

Apropos of this, the Beekman Street tower designed by Frank Gehry:

Alt.Job - What architects do when there's no work. 14 July 2010

It may be an urban legend, but the way I heard it is that architect Robert ("Less is a bore") Venturi grew up over an Italian fruit stand. We might all benefit from having a grocery store to run these days. People still eat, 'though construction starts are moribund.

Architect Nick Agneta's career has taken him away from "straight" architecture into more construction-focused expertise. And then there's Nick's music - he has been composing and performing his own music for over 20 years, his musicianship largely self-taught. Talk about being an eclectic!

Listen as Nick and I talk about the connections, if any, between music and (as Goethe termed architecture) "frozen music."

And to our French friends: Happy Bastille Day.

July 7, 2010: The Institute for Public Architecture

There are a few architects whose focus is not on profit, but rather on service to the public. To further this Social Contract architects Jonathan Kirschenfeld and Robert Marino have founded the Institute for Public Architecture (IPA)

http://instituteforpublicarchitecture.org/ - a think tank and residential compound to foster independent work by architects and designers.

Think of the American Academy in Rome for architects and artists,

or the MacDowell Colony
- and you'll have a good idea of the precursor models for the IPA.

One of the IPA's first civic interventions will be the Portable Street Theater, shown installed at the site of the proposed Jean Nouvell tower next to MoMA on West 53rd Street in New York City:

In our July 7th conversation we will explore the future of civic works, the funding dynamics of public architecture, and the prospects for the location of the IPA campus.

Thanks for listening - speak with you again soon.

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