The Radio Architecture Project

The Radio Architecture Project

Dear friends and listeners, we're very pleased to announce the next phase in the evolution of  
Burning Down the House
- your weekly fix on design and architecture.

We will be producing 
Burning Down The House  
through the independent audio production auspices of  
The Radio Architecture Project. 
Steve Smith, of Steve Smith Consulting will produce our next several programs, which we will be recording in the field, in the studios and offices of architects and designers - even at construction sites here in the metropolitan New York region!

As before, we will be providing Burning Down the House for broadcast and podcast on the  
Heritage Radio Network..

Check out all the other great programs of HRN at:

Thanks for listening. Speak with you again soon.


  1. Hi Curtis,
    I´m an architect from Spain... and a writer and illustrator too. I come from an agent blog in wich you commented. I´m loockin for an agent for my children´s book ( and for my illustrations ( What´s up with your novel? Are you looking for too?
    Greetings from Salamanca, Spain

  2. Hello Tomas,
    Check out
    she's a friend of mine and a good agent.


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